Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rochester, NY is the All American City

Rochester, NY is also known as the All American City. You will find a world of art, music, photography, history, theater, and music in Rochester, NY. There is always something going on in Rochester, NY and you will never be bored there. A few of the exciting events in Rochester, NY are listed below.

Rochester, NY offers live music every week on Thursday from eight to eleven in the evening. Admission is free at 125 N. Water Street.

Every week on Saturday, you can join a downtown historical walking tour in Rochester, NY. This two hour event begins at eleven thirty in the morning and has an admission charge of ten dollars.

Every day from October to March, you can see Dinosaurs Alive on a giant film screen at the RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium for nine dollars. The film includes live action and animation that lasts for about forty minutes and includes the discovery of what may be the oldest dinosaur ever found in America.

From January to March you can visit the Toddler Book club every week on Mondays at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. This event features the reading of classic children's tales for the small cost of ten dollars with children under two being free.

From January to April, the George Eastman House in Orchard Park in Rochester, NY, offers the Photographs by Andy Lock for photography lovers. For a cost of ten dollars, you can view twelve large format contemporary images by Andy Lock.

For one weekend in Marhc, Rochester NY offers the Sap Syrup and Sugar weekend for food lovers. For the cost of seven dollars, you can take a hike in the woods, visit the maple sugar camps, taste freshly made maple syrup, and join in the all you can eat pancake breakfast.

Daily, from March to May, you can visit the ocean at the Rochester Museum and Science Center in Rochester, NY. This exhibit, called the A Mazing Sea lets you climb into a turtle shell, crawl through a whale's mouth, and reach into octopus cave.

As you can see, Rochester, NY has something to offer for everyone. Food lover, photography lovers, book lovers, and nature lovers will never run out of things to do in Rochester, NY. Only a few exciting things you can do in Rochester, NY were included in this article.

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